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JHS Class of 2018 Superlatives
Posted On:
Thursday, November 16, 2017


😀 Class favorite:
Cooper Christian
Mary Thomas

🤔 Most Likely to Succeed: 
Griffin Howard 
Emme Fraser

😎 Best personality: 
Kameron Rotch
Kyra Pritchett

🤐 Quietest: 
Will Beck
Maegan Smith

🎨 Most Creative:
Gauge Horton
Jakayla Lanier

😇 Teachers Favorite:
Alfredo Huerta 
Lillie Clair Fleming Hoven

🏃 Most likely to be late to their own wedding:
Braden Nicholson
Christen Taylor

😊 Most Unique:
Demetrius Rivers
Daija Norwood

🎭 Most Dramatic:
Jaylin Williams
Alex Grafton

😌 Most Dependable:
Samuel Leggett
Zykeil Dean
Alise Gibby

😉 Biggest Flirt: 
Blake Martin
Angel Rivers

🤡 Class Clown:
Bryson Mcgrew 
Divyka Jackson

😄 Most Talkative 
Antonio Crayton
Demiah Dixon

😍 Most Attractive 
Derek Mcdonald
Camryn Donner

💜💛 Most School spirit:
Joseph McVay
Gailynn Hayes

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