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  Mission Statement  

Jackson High School strives to develop a learning community where teachers and students are constantly in the pursuit of knowledge that will produce competent members of society and effective members of the work force.

  About The School  

History of Jackson High School

Current home of Jackson High School
Current home of Jackson High School

Jackson High School is one of three high schools in the Clarke County Public School System. Opened in 1982, the present facility serves the communities in and around the City of Jackson located in the southern part of Clarke County. The area is primarily rural and the major industry is forest products.


The Pine Level Company set aside a lot for a school in 1815. The name of the town was changed to Jackson and incorporated in 1816, three years before Alabama gained statehood. A large academy with a tall spire and bell was erected. This building served as a church and school.

In 1891 nine agricultural schools were authorized in the state - one in each Congressional District. The Jackson Agricultural College building was constructed and completed in 1896. Some time after 1903, the Jackson Agricultural College as changed to the First District Agricultural School and renamed again to State Secondary Agricultural School about 1920. The Jackson and Parkertown schools merged in 1921 and became part of the Clarke County system in 1936.

In 1965, the schools were desegregated when Harper High and Jackson High merged. In 1980, construction began on a new facility in north Jackson, the present site of Jackson High School, home of the Aggies.





Complaints and Grievances

A grievance must be filed in writing and be given to the school administration.   All meetings are to be scheduled with the school administration and may be conducted in closed sessions at a time that does not interfere with the normal operation of school hours.  The grievant shall indicate with his/her filing who will accompany him/her to the meeting.   Scheduled meetings can be changed with mutual consent of the parties in interest.  All records of meetings shall be maintained in confidence.  

Hopefully, most grievances can be resolved informally and at the school administrative level. Simple, honest, and straightforward communication is encouraged between the parties involved. 

If there is no resolution to the grievance after meeting with the school administration, the grievant shall send his/her grievance to the Clarke County School Board Superintendent.

Day to day activities